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Shrub – Hydrangea Little Quick Fire

Shrub – Hydrangea Little Quick Fire

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2 gallon, 5 gallon


  • Height 3 – 5 Feet Tall
  • Spread 3 – 5 Feet Wide

The Little Quick Fire Hydrangea lives up to it’s name. This shrub (like the larger Quick Fire Hydrangea) are one of the first hydrangeas to bloom, often a month before other hydrangeas typically bloom. The panicle shaped flowers start off white, and turn to pink and red as summer goes by, and into fall. The early bloom time extends the blooming season of any landscape!

These are one of our best selling hydrangeas because the dwarf shrubs are so versatile. These are great for flower gardens, borders and in planters. These bushes are also drought tolerant, which is an added benefit to dry locations or if you choose to grow these in garden planters.

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