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Evergreen – Juniper Blue Rug

Evergreen – Juniper Blue Rug

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5 gallon


“Blue Rug’ is the lowest growing and possibly the slowest growing juniper. It grows as a dense, trailing, creeping form, making an excellent ground cover and for erosion control.  Place along a retaining wall, the foliage will provide year-round cover.  Its coverage and color says it all for the ‘Blue Rug’.

Many Juniper varieties require moisture and cannot survive on sunny slopes where run off can leave the soil dry. ‘Blue Rug’ does not require the moisture of other varieties, a great solution for dry, sunny, sloped conditions.

Insects, Diseases and Other Plant Problems:  Spider mites can be an issue.  During the summer months, hose the plants down with a firm spray of water.  This will disrupt web-making.

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